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Augusta Hannaford LEEDS Platinum Store

Applied I.R.C. coatings to approximately 70,000 sq ft of asphalt parking lot. This coating give the asphalt a reflectivity of >29 which gave Hannaford Supermarkets points toward a "platinum" level accreditation. We also installed "StreetPrintXD" sidewalks.
Duration: 6 days

Maine DOT - Rockland Park & Ride
Rockland Park & RideRockland Park & Ride

The Maine DOT contracted out the construction of a park and ride facility at the Rockland High School. This consisted of removal of 400 cubic yards of subbase gravel; existing asphalt; installation of geotextile fabric; new crushed gravel; repaving; striping and landscaping.
Duration: 2 weeks

Town of Richmond Sidewalk & Safety Improvements
Rockland Park & RideRockland Park & Ride

The Town of Richmond was successful in applying for and receiving a CDBG grant from the State of Maine. This grant was for the upgrade and replacement of sidewalks on Main Street as well as installation of Duratherm crosswalks.
Duration: Three Weeks
Approximate project cost: $125,000

Cherry Gallery - Damariscotta
Cherry GalleryCherry Gallery

Cherry Gallery was a new business in Damariscotta in the former Town Office building that was vacated by the town. The owners contacted us with a vision that would bring a commercial entity a little more subtle look that was still very classy. HEI removed all of the existing asphalt, including a large cement retaining wall as well as all sub-base material. We reestablished a solid gravel base and paved two coats of asphalt for a total of three inches of new material. To complete the project, decorative asphalt stamping, known as StreetPrint, was utilized and their color of choice was applied to the surface to provide handicap parking and regular customer parking.

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