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Hagar Enterprises is Maine’s high-quality earthwork and paving contractor. We provide site preparation, asphalt paving and maintenance, including winter plowing. Hagar also offers quality asphalt-base decorative paving applications.

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Residential Paving Job - Walpole, Maine
Residential Paving JobResidential Driveway Paving

We were contracted by a residential customer to perform paving services and necessary prep work at their home. Existing driveway was removed along with all base gravel to a depth of one foot. New gravel was installed along with 3 inches of new asphalt placed in two separate coasts. Aluminum edging was installed to aid in strength and stability of the edges of the driveway. Project was completed in 4 days.

Decorative Paving Job - Cape Elizabeth, Maine
Residential Paving JobResidential Driveway Paving

After the driveway was paved, we installed a decorative StreetPrint driveway. The homeowners had designed the driveway with a cul-de-sac for easy access. A custom herringbone pattern colored brick red combined with dividing borders highlighted the home and the functionality of the driveway.

Barrett Project
Residential Paving JobResidential Driveway Paving

The existing septic bed had failed and was no longer able to handle the flow of fluids. A new stone bed system was designed and installed. The system consisted of 8 inches of 1.5 inch crushed stone, a series of 4 inch perforated pipe and 1.5 inch stone on the top of the pipe. The entire system was covered by a geo-textile fabric and then fill and loam was placed on the top. The entire area was re-seeded and a new waste line from the tank to the D-box was installed.

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