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In 2003 we bought a 1790 Federal house on the Bristol Road in Damariscotta known as “Blue Blinds.” We soon learned that the driveway was in poor condition as well as inadequate and dangerous in terms of egress considering the high traffic volume. We intended to make significant improvements to the home, but the driveway quickly became our number one priority. Not long thereafter we read an intriguing LCN article about the Hagar’s use of street imprinting.

They did an evaluation of our needs and presented a detailed proposal with options in two days. That was the beginning of our relationship with one of the most professional firms we have ever encountered.

My Dad once told me that you could learn a lot about the quality of any construction company by the condition of their equipment and the way they dressed. Every Hagar vehicle looks like it has just been detailed and all employees are dressed in clean Hagar logo wear, which I found remarkable given the dirty conditions under which they frequently work. My Dad couldn’t have been more right. We eventually found that every aspect of their operation from the initial bid to the completed project is designed to achieve perfection and Seth and Justin Hagar will accept nothing less.

Three years ago we purchased and completely renovated a home on Water Street in Damariscotta. This spring we noticed that our concrete front steps as well as the entrance portion of our garage floor had crumbled. Further, we were concerned that our front porch and the columns supporting the roof over it were in danger of collapsing. Unfortunately, at the same time it became clear that our expensive stone patio in the rear of the home was poorly designed and built, rendering it all but unusable.

We had several individuals examine both problems and all felt that the issues could only be resolved through very costly and disruptive demolition and reconstruction. We hadn’t thought about using Hagar due to the nature of the problems but called to see if they could give us some advice and recommend someone who might have a less cost prohibitive solution. To our amazement, they said they could do the job without any demolition and at less than half the cost. True to their word they were on time, on budget and also included several significant cosmetic improvements no one else had considered. We couldn’t be happier with the end result.

Brad and Tracey S.

Of all the paving companies we interviewed, we found Hagar to be far and above the most willing to answer our questions and advise us on different ways to deal with a drainage problem associated with the paving. The work was done professionally and the men were very careful about protecting our property during the job. When weather interfered with the timetable, we were called in advance so we knew what to expect. I wouldn't hesitate using Hagar again.

Paul and Kay Ann S.

I highly recommend the work of Hagar Enterprises. All proposed jobs are thoroughly explained and follow through is excellent. The crew are friendly and knowledgeable. Costs are in line. Feel free to call for a reference. 563-1672

Robert O.

I want to thank you for the check you sent to me for the broken lightbulb. You are a man of your word, and I appreciate your honesty. I wish you and your company all the best.

John (10/15/09)

Clayton & I want to thank you for the marvelous work that you and your crew did on the East Old County Road. You were very polite, courteous and professional. Letting all of us on the road know ahead of time when the date and time of the work to be done was great. Thank you so much for a great job!

Clayton & Margo

I would like to thank you and your crew (Jeff, John, Brandon) for a great job on the state of the art waste water dispersion system that you guys installed at my humble abode. I can not express my thanks enough for what the guys have done, what a back yard! Seth, the professional manner in which the guys conducted themselves in was outstanding, you should be very proud of the way that they represent Hagar Enterprises. It's wonderful to see the teamwork that the guys displayed. I would like to thank you all for the late night on Friday and a holiday weekend no less. All of you sacrificed time with your family, for mine, I can't thank you enough! Wish you all the best, I've got cold beer in the fridge, so please stop by any time. I look forward to working with you in the future, and will recommend you and your company to any one who will appreciate hard work and top notch staff. Thank you !!!

Dave (06/03/09)

Please call our office at 207-563-8588 for more references.

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